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2008 NLP Conference - an Eventful Event

Another really successful NLP Conference is over with 480 people attending during the three days, including delegates, speakers and stewards. Thank you to everyone for being there and making the event so vibrant.

There were more people attending for just one day this time - perhaps due to the current financial issues but I hope that even attending for one day was valuable with the amazing line up of speakers we had for all three days.

New for this year was the recently refurbished Regent's College reception area - Neuro Linguistic Programming

...hardly recognisable as the same College!

Very smart, but it did present some challenges and a different atmosphere for us without the use of the reception area for our registration and brochure tables.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Here we are in the same space in 2007. It's sad to see the loss of all the usable reception area that created such a buzz as you walked into the College. Maybe I'm just growing too old for change!

Sunday morning had the reception area looking very different again... Neuro Linguistic Programming

The fire alarms went off in the new Darwin Suite and although it was an unwelcome interruption to the sessions, it is good to know that the College is really on the ball in such an event. The evacuation was smoothly and efficiently organised. Thank you to the 200 or so delegates who waited patiently out on the car park while any risk was assessed - there was no fire and the alarm had been set off by dust from construction work outside. Congratulations to the two speakers who continued their sessions as though nothing had happened when we were allowed back inside.

The Conference photos are already uploaded and you can view them here. Please do add your comments and fill in names of the delegates if you are one of them or know who they are.

The feedback on the sessions, almost without exception, has been brilliant again this time. Of course, as always there are some presentation styles that people either love or hate. This is what the Conference is all about - an opportunity to experience first hand the diversity of styles and the multiple description of NLP. Di will be processing the feedback over the next few weeks and we will publish the overall Conference feedback on the website very shortly.

As well as the diversity of workshops, the networking element of the Conference is a major motivator for me. It's certainly true for the delegates meeting up with old friends and colleagues. This year, more than ever, I had feedback from the speakers that it gives them a valuable opportunity to meet and exchange ideas too. Neuro Linguistic Programming

Here are just some of them and there are more to view in the 2008 Conference set.


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